EmblaCom to provide Data control for another 10 million subscribers

Business user´s data usage needed to be controlled in an America Movil group operator. EmblaCom Mobile VPN will be implemented to do the task.

With this implementation, operator´s customers may control how each employee of the company use their mobile phone. Data, sms and voice can all be controlled with EmblaCom Mobile VPN – this not only is big advantage for the company to control communication costs, but also gives the carrier way to create new, different products for the business segment.

“With increasing communication costs and increasing amount of mobile phones provided by the companies, it is quite expected that corporate customers start asking for different ways to limit and also monitor the usage of the mobile phones. Next year and forward we hope that not only companies, but also families start using these controls for their children, who quite freely today use their smart phones when and how they want, which is not only bad for their education, but also many times a security risk”, says Janne Sivula, VP Business Development in EmblaCom.