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Claro Argentina

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Putting business users in control

As part of a strategy to deliver more value-added services to their business customers, Claro Argentina chose EmblaCom Mobile VPN. Claro’s business customers now have full control over the cost and use of their company’s telephone lines, including voice, SMS, MMS, and data allowances.

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Claro Ecuador

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Creating new market opportunities

As part of a strategy to expand its share of business users, Claro turned to EmblaCom. They now rely on our EMS platform to provide voice services to their business customers. Claro was able to tailor their offering to the needs of small, medium, and large businesses, and they continue to attract new business customers every month.

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Spring Mobil Sweden

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A full mobile business suite

Spring Mobil turned to EmblaCom to help them capture a slice of the key business market – and we delivered, with EmblaCom Mobility Suite (EMS). EMS was the perfect platform for Spring Mobil to provide the voice services that business customers really need, with five white-label solutions covering professional call handling, group calling, on-the-go reachability, user grouping, and more.

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TeliaSonera Finland

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Bringing the features and benefits of fixed lines to cell phones

TeliaSonera, Finland’s leading mobile operator, recognized that the business market was changing. Business users were spending more and more time away from their desks, reducing their availability for customers. Mobile connections were increasingly the main method of communication, and businesses were starting to demand the same value-added functionalities they were used to from fixed lines.

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Telenor Sweden

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Standing out from the competition

Business users are spending more time away from the office, while expecting the same level of service on their cell phones that they get from landlines. Telenor needed a unique service to set them apart from the competition, one that would appeal to their existing customers as well as attract new ones. Providing a landline-grade PBX service for cell phones did just that.

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