Take Full Control of Your Increasing Diameter Signaling

The amount of Diameter signaling is growing rapidly in the operators´ networks each year. Mobile broadband traffic is increasing each year and more and more operators are deploying 4G/LTE networks. Diameter is the main signaling protocol in these cases. Diameter is further an integral part of IMS deployments that are launched in order to support Voice over LTE.

Makes network operations easier

Increased Diameter signaling introduces many new challenges for the network operator. With a Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC) and Diameter Routing Agent (DRA) the operator is able to:


A scalable and robust solution

EmblaCom’s DSC copes with everything from small scale to large georedundant deployments. Functionality and capacity can be added easily based on needs and requirements. It can be deployed as a DSC, DRA and/or DEA. EmblaCom DSC is also available for virtual environments.

Main features

  • Implements relay, proxy, and redirect agent functionality as defined in RFC6733
  • Diameter Routing Agent (DRA), as defined in 3GPP TS29.213
  • Diameter Edge Agent (DEA), as defined in GSMA IR.88
  • Flexible routing of Diameter messages based on Realms, Hosts, AVPs and application
  • Load balancing based round robin, weighted round robin or based on signalling parameters
  • Diameter traffic normalization; custom modification of individual AVPs
  • High availability and support for geo-redundancy
  • Overload protection
  • Can be deployed in virtualized environment
  • Support for Linux based COTS HW

Key benefits for operators

  • Simplify network operations and maintenance
  • Efficient load balancing and pooling
  • Topology hiding
  • Secure the Diameter edge