Mobile app

With Personal Assistant, our smartphone app, users can control PBX settings with ease. They can choose what number they are calling from, whether they are taking calls to the company’s main number, and define black and white lists and VIP numbers. They can also set their presence and see the status of their colleagues in the company phonebook.
Mobile App

Main features

  • Status-based call routing
  • Smartphone app
  • Customizable status options
  • Announcements based on status
  • VIP lists and blocked numbers
  • Company phonebook
  • Define A-number for outgoing calls
  • Notifications for missed calls and more

Key benefits for operators

  • Attract key segment – business users with smartphones
  • Encourage increased adoption of smartphones for company employees
  • Reduce churn through habit formation

Key benefits for customers

  • Calls answered when unavailable
  • Change current status easily in app
  • Inform callers based on set status
  • Allow or block certain callers regardless of status
  • See status of colleagues