Addressing the individual needs of business customers

Mobile VPN groups your business customers by company into closed user groups, allowing you to offer custom packages and products. These can include different tariffs for internal or external calls, partner company rates, limited data services, and more. For even greater control, restrictions can be placed on individual employees, limiting call allowance, roaming options, or even data use.

Intuitive self-care web portal

One of the main benefits for your customers is complete control over subscription costs and phone usage. Using the self-care web portal, branded to your own guidelines, your customers’ administrators can define each employee’s voice, SMS, MMS, and data allowance. They can even separate personal and business accounts, allowing clearly divided charging using just one number.

Increase your subscriber base and reduce churn

Mobile VPN is sure to attract subscribers that are looking for intelligent solutions to replace their PBX. Because your customers’ companies become virtual entities within your GSM coverage, you’re able to increase your subscriber base and grow your revenue stream – while simultaneously decreasing churn.

Main features

  • Intuitive self-care web interface for company administrators
  • Centralized multi-country deployment supported
  • Roaming rules setup for operators
  • Users managed in system, company, group, or individual levels
  • Access to statistics
  • Number analysis engine for number portability, roaming, and more
  • Web-based system monitoring in real time

Key benefits for operators

  • Attract subscribers that are familiar with PBX features
  • Reduce churn
  • Increase subscriber base
  • Offer special tariffs and call rates
  • Increase revenue with service subscription fees

Key benefits for customers

  • Company-wide subscription means special call rates
  • Intuitive self-care web portal for self-managed employee subscriptions
  • A cost-efficient PBX solution with no CAPEX or maintenance charges
  • Account splitting keeps business and personal calls separate
  • SMS web broadcasting notifies all employees simultaneously